Vic’s creations


Musical Laser Rainbow Machine

The Musical Laser Rainbow Machine makes music into colored laser patterns of light that move and respond to the music. Music is divided into 6 frequency bands. Three beams of light are projected, two of those beams are made by combining red, green and blue lasers, and the third beam is red. Seven lasers are changing in intensity with 6 frequency bands of music. It was featured with full instructions on how to build it in Nuts and Volts Magazine, May/June 2018, cover story.


Here the laser beams are made visible with smoke. Three beams exit at the left, where they would normally go through rotating pieces of lumpy clear glass. The upper and lower beams are a combination of red, green and blue lasers, which are combined by going through mirrors that pass one or two colors and reflect another color.


Castle In the Clouds

A 3D printed castle is floating in air by magnetic levitation. Electricity is wirelessly transferred to the castle from below, to light the window of the castle and the clouds.


Wizard's Run is a Rolling Ball Sculpture featuring a ball-levitating wizard, four balls bouncing through the air, an unusual "wobble lift", and a flying magic carpet.

video on YouTube.

another video of some more details.


Par One


Par One is a golf themed Rolling Ball Sculpture.


Video One

Video Two

H-2-Opus: a musical water fountain with a band of insects. The insects play instruments shooting water from their instruments in time with the music, and aided by lights, lasers, and a fog machine.

Vic's Rolling Ball Sculpture has a circus theme, with a flying helicopter, a clown firing a ball out of a cannon, and other delights.

A garden of insects, performing as a water fountain.

Backpacking Banjo

A banjo designed for backpacking: it weighs 3 pounds including the case. More

Cat-Can Dobro

The Cat Can Dobro is a type of slide guitar. I made my plans for this instrument for the Boy Scouts to help them complete the Music Merit Badge. More


Marble Coaster

My first Rolling Ball Sculpture. It got me started making crazy things. I thought maybe people would think I was a little crazy making such a silly thing. Then it won Best of Show at the county fair, then “Creativity Award” (the top prize) at California State Fair’s Best of Show competition, went on the front page of the local newspaper, and I decided that people like crazy machines.