Vic Chaney primarily plays the pedal steel guitar in the band The Desert Moon Band, and is occasionally known to play the 5-string bluegrass banjo.

He started playing the steel in 1981. His current instrument of choice is a 12-string Thomas Pedal Steel Guitar. It has eight foot pedals, six knee levers, and is tuned in a Universal E9/B6 tuning. His amplifier is a Stereo Steel, using a DigiTech GSP 1101 processor.

Vic's favorite pedal steel players are Buddy Emmons, Paul Franklin, JayDee 
Manness, and Jeff Newman.

For those unfamiliar with a pedal steel guitar: it is a horizontal instrument on 
legs, with strings that are picked with the right hand, and the left hand slides a 
bar up and down the strings. The steel bar gave the instrument its name. The 
pedals and knee levers change the pitch of the strings, with each pedal or lever 
changing the pitch of 1, 2 or 3 strings at a time, going up or down in pitch, up 
to 3 half-steps. It is possible to use two pedals and two knee-levers at the same 
time, changing the tuning of most of the strings at once.

Vic's Bands:

Desert Moon Band 2007 to present
San Francisco Cattle Company 2006-2007 
Coyote 2002-2006 
Firestorm 1998-2001 
Five Wheel Drive 1978-1998 

Vic also plays the tenor saxophone, guitar, and harpsichord. He built his harpsichord from scratch, and although he doesn't play it much now, his son, Alex, keeps the keys limber.

Vic plays on Coyote's CD called Coyote.

He also plays on Sue Reno's Country/Gospel CD called Have You Heard. He plays steel on most of the cuts, and plays banjo on two of them. Sue has done a nice job on these songs,: she wrote all of them! Listen to him play from this album on Follow Me, mp3.

Like to learn more about the steel guitar? Check out The Steel Guitar Pages by b0b Lee, or Carter Steel Guitars.